Living in a new country often present challenges on day to day bases. Understanding local culture and language certainly helps with many issues. But the initial period’s frustration can be easily managed by experts help.

Cross Cultural training: Different verbal and non-verbal communication styles, historical differences, different personal value systems can cause misunderstandings and frustrations. Cross-cultural training helps you communicating more effectively and behaving more appropriately with Czech people. Help you to understand this unique culture through a combination of trainer-led discussion and group activities.

Language courses: Even basic Czech language could make your life much easier during your stay. Longer you think its sensible to resist learning Czech language, the less successful your stay might be. Language courses available in your office, at your home, through skype/video or group classes.     

Spouse support, consulting: Trailing expat spouses, especially first timers - often find living in a new country: challenging, frustrating and rather disappointing. Mothers are carrying already enough on their shoulders, especially with a busy husband. Adapting to the new culture without hick ups make the entire families life smoother, and maintaining a more balanced happier family life.    

Other ongoing supports, small works around the house etc. (anything you might need) available. Communicate your needs. Make a contact, leave a brief description of the support you require. ECO Relocation will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours of submission with a cost estimate and provide you with further need assessment facilitation information.

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