Move Management service could be a full door to door moving service, or only some of the partial and controlling elements of your specific needs. With simple words this is a friendly advocate service with any moving service related issues to private individuals, corporates and moving companies.

Corporates and Individuals:

For example, you would be required to obtain three quotes from three different international moving service providers but the time consumption, the visits at your home and the after usual sales follow ups could be frustrating and unnecessary. You also maybe in the situation whereby your relocation is still not official and you would rather keep it as private as possible. In this event ECO can help you with advocating services: pre-move survey (physical or video) and obtaining cost estimates on your behalf. Establishing estimated volume, weight and understanding special requirements helps you for planing and budgeting your upcoming international move.

Another example when you receive a quote from a moving company but you still would like to obtain a second opinion to check cost and services without too much of involvement and any commitments. Hidden costs and unannounced extra charges can be easily spotted by professional eye.

Agents and Moving Companies:

Along with full scale origin and destination service, ECO Moving is also an affordable trusted agent for move management and control. Physical Surveys (even remote locations), advocating with complicated Cost Estimates, and carries out Quality Controls on your behalf. 

Should your client need debris pickup, moving boxes & supplies, communicate easily. Make a quick contact and a respond will be with you ASAP.


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