ECO Relocation and Mobility Services helps both employers and assignees to prepare for the entire international relocation process.

Pre-consultation and need assessment: To make the most of this visit, it is essential to make a thorough ‘need analysis’ to establish what is required incoherence with the company policy (if any). Needs Analysis - Initial contact to introduce our services, establish the family’s requirements and address any queries, explain the local rental / property market, send the needs analysis document and manage realistic expectations  

Orientation: Before accepting an assignment abroad, the assignee and family are usually invited to a pre-visit as a part of the company pre-assignment program. To make the most of this visit, based on the completed need analysis and established information and according to the company policy, ECO prepares customer oriented tour. During this visit, the assignee is given an introduction to the new country, a guided orientation based on specific requests, information on the recommended domicile areas, and a preview to couple of selected properties. The guided tour may also include visits to schools, shopping areas, sport clubs etc. A valuable ‘Welcome Package’ with maps and other useful information also provided.

Homes Search: Find and secure a new home for temporary or for the entire time of the assignment, in accordance with company policies and individual needs. Home Search service can either be a basic self-help service, or can be expanded to include setting up property viewings, accompanied viewings with driver, negotiating the lease, facilitating the preparation and signature of an appropriate lease, arranging tenant representation at check-in. Helping with connecting utilities.

Visas, Permits and Immigration: Full management of immigration processes, including: For EU citizens: Temporary residence, Permanent residence For non-EU citizens: Short-term and long-term visas, Long-term residence (and renewals), Permanent residence Providing supporting services such as translations, legalization, Apostilles and notarization of supporting documents.

Settling In Services: provides a range of locally needed services including: Accompanied area orientation, airport “meet and greet” services, connection of utilities, opening bank accounts, obtaining credit cards, arranging insurance, local community information, and introduction to network groups. Services can be various based on your needs. Flexible tailoring available.

Communicate your needs. Make a contact, leave a brief description of the services you require. ECO Relocation will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours of submission with a cost estimate for your relocation service and/or provide you with need assessment facilitation information.

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